Kemet Television Egyptian Mystery Wisdom and Philosophy Webinars

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  1. 2016 Neterian Conference Recordings page -10 videos
  2. 2015 Kemetic Neterian: Conference 17 Videos
  3. 2014 Neterian Conference Main Presentation Recordings
  4. 2013 Neterian Conference Videos -Theme: Secrets of Mythic Wisdom and Mysticism of Pertem Heru Chapter 19 Meditation of Initiates
  5. WEBINAR- Book of the Dead Chap 19+Live Translation Secret Embedded Meditation Breath Technique and Serpent Power Wisdom for Initiates
  6. WEBINAR- Trip to Egypt 2015 Dr Ashby talk on Mystery Spiritual Evolution Machines Great Pyramids
  7. Webinar Wisdom of the Serpent Power & Hieroglyphic Translation Serpent Power Script & Meditation System
  8. Webinar: Kemetic Wisdom for Facing the Collapse of Civilization and Habitat for Humanity
  9. Free WEBINAR-Book of the Dead Chapter 44 Lecture Series